Leadership & Teams #03

Group Decision Making

Inclusiveness  results in better decisions than any individual can make. Using a group of decision makers to make a decision should improve decision making as

  • It results in more informed decision as more decision means more information.
  • It also means less biased decision as there are multiple perspectives.

Process Loss

It is the inability of a group to take advantage of the additional information and perspectives available in a group. There are three critical causes of process loss in groups.

  • Composition Problem
  • Participation Problem
  • Influence Problem

Composition Problem: Decision makers are often not diversity seeking; instead they rely on individuals who are like them; as a result quality of decision suffers. Decisions can be better informed when individuals reflect a diverse set of perspectives and information.

Participation Problem: A diverse group can only make a more informed decision if the group members share their unique information and perspectives.

Individuals who are included in decision making but don’t participate are Spectators.

It happens for several reasons: Continue reading