Leadership & Teams #01

The Head And Heart Of Leadership

Agility, Threats & Opportunities

The ability to react quickly is called agility. Best leaders use their skills to make organization agile.

Managers rely on their authority to get others to obey, while leaders use their influence to get others to want to do what the organization needs them to do.

Two things can happen quickly in the business: Threats & Opportunities

Threats offer the promise of making an organization worse off if not dealt with, opportunities offer to make it better off if the advantage is taken.

Technology has changed the need for organizational agility. Business no longer can stay regional, national because of perspective suppliers and customers and competitors.

Head & Heart of Leadership

Leaders face two tasks in dealing with threats or opportunities i.e. making & implementing decisions.

Leader has two levers available to accomplish the core tasks i.e. the management of information (head) & the management of motivation (heart).

Quality of decision is always limited by ability to implement it. Therefore decisions should always be made with one eye on implementation.


Leaders often overestimate their ability to make high quality decisions without input from others. They also underestimate importance of fostering enthusiasm for implementation. Continue reading