Leadership & Teams #04

Managing Motivation

It is not enough for targets of implementation to know what to do (information), they also have to want to do it (motivation)..

Law of Effect

Motivation is controlled by contingencies and consequences. Consequence is what we get and contingency is when we got it.

Intrinsic & Extrinsic Consequences

Rewards that we receive in exchange of outcome are extrinsic consequences. Whereas, intrinsic consequence is when reward itself is the outcome.

e.g. an instructor may teach for extrinsic consequence i.e. paycheck or because he finds it enjoyable which is intrinsic consequence.

Expectancy Theory

It’s not contingencies and consequences that motivates people, it’s the perception of contingencies and consequences.

There are 3 key perceptions that control whether or not contingencies and consequences can influence our behavior.

Expectancies: If we think we are capable of performing well enough to be rewarded.

Instrumentalities: If you think good performance will be rewarded.

Valences: If you value the reward offered. Continue reading